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Routine as Repertoire



“When I'm on the train, I will take that reserved seat if it is empty... sometimes my legs ache so much that I will try not to care about who is standing around me.. I was prepared that someone is going to take my photo one day and it is going to end up on Stomp (Singapore-based online journalism web portal), and I'm just going to get a lot of brickbats…”

Sherry lives with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the blood vessels in her feet. During flares (less now), big open ulcers appear on her feet and she will have to be hospitalized and home bound for up to two months. She wears stockings and covered shoes to keep her feet warm, takes immunosuppressants, hormone replacement therapy and supplements such as calcium to manage the osteoporosis caused by steroids. Her routines also include building community support for those with autoimmune diseases and other less visible communities in Singapore. Sherry is the founder of Be Kind SG, a ground up movement that reaches out to the less visible communities in Singapore. She also facilitates a support group for those living with autoimmune diseases.