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Routine as Repertoire


Amruta works in science and technology. She began to have debilitating pain when she was 12, and when she was 21, she started losing the use of both her arms, a result of multiple herniated discs in her spine. The disc problems came back often, making her pain chronic. Over the years, Amruta had incorporated various regimes into her life to reduce the pain, including yoga, meditation, swimming, and also learned to move her body in a way that doesn't cause too much pain. During the pandemic, she was not able to swim, and had to find other ways of taking care of her body.
Shannon is a mom, a wife and a school bus driver who lives with stage four metastatic breast cancer. Her medical routines include numerous scans, medication for pain and reduction of effect of her treatment that includes muscle hardening, bone pain and spasms. She finds relief and joy in her bird garden and a lavender epson salt bath.
Devine is a mother, wife, artist and educator. She lives with fibromyalgia, dry eye disease and some tumors growing in her body, often causing pain. The medication that has been prescribed impacts her teaching practice and she began trying to find a more holistic path of healing. Some of the things that she has been doing to take care of herself are daily exercise, going on a gluten-free diet, takes fish oils and other supplements and incorporates a rigid anti-inflammatory diet. Over the last few years, she has been doing Zumba, and during pandemic, she moved to online classes. In addition, she compresses her eyes to relive the dryness.