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Routine as Repertoire



“Having routines in place helps you to manage your stress and in turn actually helps to reduce the likelihood of triggering a flare for rheumatoid arthritis.”

Lois was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when she was twenty-two and has incorporated extensive routines such as being selective in her diet, constantly checking and recording her sugar level, making doctor appointments, and now, using an insulin pump to get a delicate balance of sugar level, which she recently switched to after years of injection.

Nicole lives with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition that causes pain in joints and weakness throughout her body. She wears loose clothing, changes the way she: holds the pen, opens the door, carries her dogs, sits down. Her medication causes various side effects that includes bloating, hair loss, dizziness, fatigue and reaction to store bought skin care and she cares for her condition by making and using her own natural skin care, managing her energy and stress level, going on walks, playing with her dogs, walking and doing yoga.