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Routine as Repertoire


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Routines as Repertoire is an online and physical installation (post-covid) that uses photography and videos to explore routines that women and non-binary folks incorporate into our lives as our bodies go through transformations or challenges. In this project, individuals share their diverse routines; from taking medication, to cleaning of wheelchair, meditation, exercises, rest, community building, and so on. Through the sharing of routines, perhaps experiences such as illnesses, disabilities, aging, motherhood, and gender transitioning can be viewed beyond the tragic or heroic polarities, and the experiences may exist and be represented in all their complexities.

Thank you

This work is not possible without the support and guidance from all of you I had conversations with, in person or through books, films and other sources. Special thanks to all who agreed to share their routines with so much generosity and wisdom, Patricia Luna for the help on the website, Emmeline Yong for great suggestions on the presentation of the work, Nora Sweeney for the support and additional footage, Sally Stein who encourages, pushes me and corrects my spelling/grammer mistakes, and to my family, biological and chosen.

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We will work on making this webpage as accessible as possible. Please email for any suggestion.

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Digital Presentation Grant for the Arts
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