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Routine as Repertoire


When our bodies go through transformations or challenges, routines are often incorporated to care for ourselves; from taking medication, to cleaning of wheelchairs, meditation, swimming, protesting from our balconies, building community, etc.

Susan, Celeste, Wendy (Kuah), Wendy (New), Nicole, Shannon, Eva, Linda, Devine and Sherry taking their medication or supplements

Routine, commonly defined as habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure

Routines change,
They can be mundane and tedious
They can also be creative, and need resourcefulness

(Some) Routines are possible only with privilege or access,
They go way beyond hashtag #selfcare on instagram and may,
in itself, be a radical act

Some choose not to have a routine,
and the inability to ‘stick to’ one does not define us,
does not warrant guilt or judgement

Routines hold vastly different meaning and form,
across culture, class and lived experiences

Routines may be for our survival, or our well-being,
structuring our chaotic life,
They exist both in our mind, or externalized in our physical body,

However laborious, highly visible or invisible,
routines insist that we matter